Case Study: A Financial Advisor’s Transition from Wells Fargo Advisors Brokerage Channel

A Financial Case Study


What Was Missing?

Financial Advisor wanted to own their practice and seek a different compensation structure with higher potential payouts. They needed a dedicated support staff in planning and client services to expand their business and help their clients achieve their financial goals.


Our Strategy

  • Own your business and add to your personal bottom line.
  • Increase your flexibility and freedom to serve clients your way.
  • Eliminate most of the setup requirements and overhead costs associated with building an independent practice from scratch.
  • Remove the need to learn a new system while clients retain familiarity with the platform, fees, and access to Wells Fargo Investment Institute and correspondent research providers.
  • Join a thoughtful, committed, and supportive environment to help promote your business growth.

Targeted Result

  • Provide access to more competitive compensation.
  • Conversion of your Wells Fargo Advisors-owned business into a personal asset.
  • Greater control over how you serve your clients.
  • Assistance with daily operations from a qualified and trained support staff.
  • Increased time to focus on growth and client service.

This case study is hypothetical and for discussion purposes only. It is not intended to represent any specific return, yield, or investment. Individual experiences reference above may not reflect the future experience of any client. The planning process discussed may not be appropriate for your personal situation, even if it is similar to the example presented. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal.

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