Client Webinar: 529 College Savings Plans

Client Webinar: 529 College Savings Plans

Monday, June 17, 2024 at 7:00 PM ET

Hosted By: James Washington, Senior Financial Advisor, Seventy2 Capital Wealth Management
Featured Speaker: Chris Stack, Esq., Managing Consultant,

Meeting ID: 937 2053 7047  |  Passcode: 151560  |  Join the Zoom meeting.

Join Seventy2 Capital and Columbia Threadneedle Investments for a discussion on 529 College Savings Plans, including:

  • Education investment benefits
  • Treatment of nonqualified withdrawals
  • Maintaining control over assets
  • Multi-generational opportunities
  • Estate planning
  • Protection against creditors
  • Tax mitigation
  • Future Scholar 529 Plan


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